Sweden, Kymmendö


Nature becomes the omnipresent background and the discerning guest. Every tone of light affects the atmosphere of the interior, every wayward breeze or muffled raindrop attracts attention.

The building rests on a platform. A 36 m long and 7 m wide base floats above the ground. It acts as the foundation of the building, grounds it, sets the stage and simultaneously presents the breathtaking nature. The initial reaction of architect Johnny Andersson of Jordens Arkitekter was respect. Respect for the landscape, the integrity and perfection of the expanse. What kind of architecture can you use here? How can protective and attractive space be created for the people living there without endangering what is already here? He finally arrived at a concept of ambivalence: a concept which resonates with body and soul, consisting of gentle additions and unadulterated wilderness, of something looking both forward and back. The eye is drawn to something lying in between, to the space between the inside and the vista. In between feels safe, and nature can be fully appreciated in that time when the night ends and the day begins, and vice versa.

The sliding systems by Schüco made the concept easy to implement functionally, aesthetically and sustainably. Looking back, Andersson reflects it is "a frame for nature, like a landscape painting!"

Further information

Villa Kymmendö

Kymmendö in Dalarö, Sweden

Jordens Arkitekter, Stockholm, Sweden

Project leaders:
Johnny Andersson, Karin Löfgren

Construction phase:

Öjebyns Glas & Aluminium, Öjebyn, Sweden

Schüco system:
ASS 50

It is both a risk and an unbelievable reward to be so close to nature. This isn't a cave, it's a panorama. Not retreating. With a great expanse.

Johnny Andersson, Jordens Arkitekter

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