The meaning of an uninterrupted view of nature or an urban panorama becomes clear when it touches upon your consciousness. Schüco places the same importance on the view, that transparent boundary between the inside and outside, as it does on the atmosphere. Under "Panorama Design" and "Seamless" you can find products and solutions to the demands for minimalism, perfection and a broad perspective.

Panorama Design

Thanks to the slimline face widths, concealed outer frames and high flexibility, the panorama remains the focus with Schüco sliding doors.

When nothing holds back the view

The vista, that view from inside to outside, should showcase everything down to the last detail. Nothing should disturb or detract from the harmony between nature and architecture. With Panorama Design sliding units, Schüco creates maximum transparency for an uninterrupted view of nature or the urban environment.

Minimalistic design

Using concealed outer and leaf frames in the wall and ceiling, as well as minimal profile face widths and installation depths, the visual components of the sliding door are reduced to a minimum, without having to sacrifice flexibility in choice of opening types and surface finishing.
When open, the all-glass corner virtually dissolves into the building.
In combination with the pocket door design, in which the open sliding leaf disappears into the outer wall, the sliding system vanishes completely into the background, leaving only the pure panorama.

Leaf-height pull grips

With the floor-to-ceiling design, the pull grip is integrated practically automatically and blends visually into the profile frame.

Automated operation

For added comfort, Schüco sliding systems with a mechatronic design can be easily controlled remotely via a tablet, smartphone or a switch. Even with automated operation, secure opening and closing with increased burglar resistance to RC 2 is guaranteed.

Flush-fitted installation in the ceiling

The profiles, which are installed so that they are concealed within the ceiling, ensure a minimalistic appearance and reinforce the flush-fitted architectural concept.

Flush-fitted installation in the wall

The frame has been designed such that the majority disappears into the adjacent wall, leaving a mere 31 mm of the interlock profile visible.

Flush-fitted installation in the floor

The level threshold guarantees a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors.

Sliding Systems - Panorama Design


With Seamless, Schüco combines façades and sliding units for uniform face widths and a minimalist design.


The line takes its strength from the energy of the person who has drawn it. – Henry van de Velde. Turning an initial sketch of lines and shaded areas into real architecture is the perfect finish.


With Seamless, Schüco offers the perfect integration and combination of various products which have different functions but visually merge together. Energy efficiency, safety standards and the possibilities offered by automation features make this product line the masterpiece of all façade and sliding systems.


The face width simply remains the same. In SEAMLESS, the mullions of the façade profiles, the profiles of the sliding door system, or a combination of the two are hidden behind just 35 millimetres so that the design of a sketched sightline becomes a real one, with a linear structure via the construction and visible units.

Systems - Seamless

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