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With intelligent developments such as Panorama Design sliding units or Seamless technology, Schüco systems offer maximum design freedom. More than that, they can be optimally incorporated into the building automation system and guarantee fundamental flexibility thanks to a variety of opening types.

Panorama Design

Schüco ASS 77 PD Panorama Design
The vista, that view from inside to outside, should showcase everything down to the last detail. Nothing should disturb or detract from the harmony between nature and architecture. With Panorama Design sliding units, Schüco creates maximum transparency for an uninterrupted view of nature or the urban environment.

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Schüco Seamless: FWS 35 PD with  ASS 77 PD
Turning an initial sketch of lines and shaded areas into real architecture is the perfect finish. With SEAMLESS, Schüco offers the perfect integration and combination of different products which have different functions but visually merge together.

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Sliding systems

Sliding technology
We work with technologies which put functions into operation – either effortlessly or through mere voice command. This – in combination with maximum transparency, slimline profile geometries, maximum comfort and security – is what guides us.

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Smart Building

Schüco building automation
Smart building and smart home technology is in high demand in luxury homes and villas. In commercial and residential construction, it is no longer possible to achieve a premium level without intelligent building technology. Schüco develops smart façades which form part of the complete vertical building envelope including sliding doors – for all climates, with functional flexibility and a unique aesthetic.

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Opening types

Sliding. Lift-and-slide. Folding sliding.
In order to decide which type of sliding door works best in a building in terms of both function and appearance, some basic questions need to be answered. Is there enough space for glass units to slide in front of one another? Is it possible to insert it in the wall? Is the clear passage sufficient to allow maximum transparency? Which material would work best? The function and materials of Schüco sliding doors and their benefits speak for themselves.

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Universal Design

Step outside effortlessly
Universal design means creating an environment which is as accessible, convenient and practical as possible for everyone, regardless of age, size or ability. Buildings and products should be equipped so that they can meet the current and potential future needs of all users and are as easy to operate as possible. The boundaries between comfort, security and benefits are fluid. Seamless transitions are convenient, free from tripping hazards and essential for wheelchair users.

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Our step towards a bright future
Good architecture means being ready for the future today – ecologically, economically and socially. It is no longer enough to simply produce building components in a sustainable way. Sustainable action comprises many things: the sustainable extraction of raw materials and the use of recycled material, as well as strict criteria for production, installation, use, and then dismantling including recycling.

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Sliding Systems - Panorama Design


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