Denmark, Hornbæk


And with every movement, the sea. The summer house was built directly on the water, with selected materials and maximum transparency. There are no thresholds, no height differences – and no compromises.

A second home, directly on the sea. 150 m2 interior space and 350 m2 of terrace space are available to the family for relaxing weekend breaks. The architect and client have developed a building together which could not be more authentic and individual. Buildings and outdoor spaces should be maintenance-free – a term that is more associated with product features, but this should be precisely the case for the residents – no constant work on the house, in the garden, no responsibilities in terms of maintenance and upkeep. This is why cedarwood was chosen, for example. It can withstand the sea salt and does not need to be oiled. Rosehip was also planted in the garden as vegetation and to protect the earth. It does not need much more than air and light and can brave the sun and storms.

Bruun calls the exposed coastal location therapeutic. "When we arrive, we immediately feel calm. There are only a few things here, it's completely different to my permanent home."
And her favourite place in the house? The lower terrace, which is protected from the wind. Here you can sunbathe and eat, play and relax. There is also an "Ibiza cave" on the terrace. The space can be used all year round thanks to the heater lamps. You can sleep outside or simply watch the sunset.

What makes the house so unique is the Panorama Design sliding doors from Schüco. The views begin as soon as you enter the house. There are no thresholds and no difference between levels. Just as it should be. Without compromise.

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Summer house

Hornbæk, Denmark

Birgitte Bruun, Raw Architects, Holte, Denmark

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When form and function are in perfect harmony in terms of sustainability too, the architects are creating real value.

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