Mölnlycke, Sweden

Situated in a small town

Villa Mölnlycke, situated in a small town of the same name near Gothenburg, shows that secluded nature havens do exist right next to large cities. The property is owned by a family of four and borders a forest on one side. On the other side, the raised plot has an excellent view of the nearby small Långetjärn lake.

The initial planning discussions took place in a summer cottage, which the family had used for several summers in order to get to know the area. They quickly decided that the newbuild was to encroach on the natural environment as little as possible. The challenge for architect Josefine Kastberg was striking the balance between the level of transparency desired for the house and finding a sheltered place to retreat. The simple cube opens up at the back across two levels in way that is concealed to visitors. This creates a private outdoor space which provides exclusive views of the lake and evening sun. The roof is covered with plants, allowing the house with its façade of vertical wooden slats to blend into the trees behind. The V-shaped floor plan is a result of the deliberately chosen sightlines. Large-format sliding units dissolve the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. They enable the house to open up fully on sunny days or allow you to enjoy nature from indoors on cold winter days. Like picture mounts, the large openings frame the views and shift the focus to the actual highlight: the unobstructed vista of nature.

Further information

Villa Mölnlycke

Mölnlycke, near Gothenburg, Sweden

Arkkas Arkitekter, Varberg, Sweden

Project manager:
Josefine Kastberg

Construction phase:
2015 - 2016

Alufront, Sävedalen, Sweden

Schüco systems:
ASS 50
FW 50+ roof window

We wanted to maintain the connection with nature while celebrating the views in the best possible way.

Josefine Kastberg

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